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Mika// a touch of HUE// Wearable Color Therapy

Hi, my name is Mika!

I am a fashion lover and a big believer that an accessory and the colors don’t just change your outfit but can elevate your mood completely.

Feeling a bit low? Try the Orange Sunstone Bracelet for a boost. Life got you stress? The Midnight Blue Earrings will help you release your anxiety. Looking for love? Self-love, Romantic love, Mother’s love, Friend’s love. The Rose Quartz is there for you.

Each piece is designed and slow-made by me, with the core value of accessible, high-quality craftsmanship in every design. Made with 14 karats of gold-filled wire, a luxurious mix of semi-precious healing stones, and Japanese silk thread.

Everything is one-of-a-kind and made in small batches. No waste. No mass production. 

Find a touch of color, a touch of good feeling, and a touch of beauty from here!